Twilight Football

Twilight Football

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The Teams

Teams under 14

  • 50 50
  • Glengormley community group
  • New Mossley
  • Newtownabbey Arts and Culture Network


  • Whiteabbey youth
  • BVC youth
  • 50 50 A
  • 50 50 B
  • Glengormley community group (missing first week)
  • New Mossley A
  • New Mossley B
  • New Mossley Prebyterian church
  • Newtownabbey Arts and Culture Network


Each evening the itinerary will be as follows:


7:15pm Arrive
7:30pm 1st game starts
7:40pm Half time
7:45pm Second half
7:55pm 1st game ends
8:10pm 2nd game starts
8:20pm Half time
8:25pm Second half
8:35pm 2nd game ends
8:50pm 3rd game starts
9:00pm Half time
9:05pm Second half
9:15pm 3rd game ends
9:30pm Collection of scores and end of session.



General Rules

  • 15 yrs of age and under working within a 3 year age band.
  • 5 a side plus 3 rolling subs.
  • No metal studs, shin pads to be work at all times.
  • Coachesto referee.
  • Code of conduct to be obeyed at all times (agreed by all groups prior to tournament).
  • All games to be timed by one person and start/stop on hooter.
  • Scores to be kept but not published
  • Match reports to go on Council website on Monday after games.
  • Prizes and BBQ on last week
  • All participants will receive a prize.






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