Register a Still Birth

Why register a stillbirth?

By law all stillbirths occurring in Northern Ireland must be registered.


What do you need in order to register?

The person registering the stillbirth must go to the Registrar as soon as possible with a medical certificate of cause of stillbirth. This is usually issued to the relatives by a doctor.


Who can register a stillbirth?
  • the mother of the baby
  • the father of the baby
  • any aunt, uncle, grandfather and grandmother of the baby who has knowledge of the stillbirth. the occupier of the premises where the stillbirth occurred i.e. governor, matron etc. or a person present at the stillbirth.


What details are required?

Full name and surname of the baby date and place of death and usual address full names and occupations of the mother and father Please note that a registration cannot be easily changed once completed


Where can the stillbirth be registered?

With effect from the 3rd October 2011 a stillbirth that occurs in Northern Ireland can be registered in any district office in Northern Ireland.



For further details visit the General Registrar of Northern Ireland:





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