What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a way of publishing audio and video files using the internet. Users can view podcasts by clicking on the podcast logo or subscribe to the What is an Mp3 file?


Mp3 is a digital audio format which allows audio files to be easily shared due to its high compression and relatively small file size.


What Do I Need to listen to an Mp3 file

Podcasts are Mp3 audio files that can be downloaded and listened to on desktop computers and a range of handheld devices including some mobile phones, IPODs, MP3/4 players etc. if you are a Windows user, Windows Media Player comes as standard on your PC which can be used to listen to the Mp3 files.


If you are a Mac user, iTunes is the default player on your OSX. If you are using OS9 Quicktime is your default media player, or Windows Media Player 7.1 for Mac OS8.1+.


Downloading/Saving the Mp3 files

Windows users: To listen to the the Mp3 file from this web page, left-click the Podcast button (Podcast button) and once the file has downloaded it will start to play. To save the Mp3 file right-click the button, and for Internet Explorer, choose Save Target As (Save Link As in Firefox) from the menu, then choose a location on your computer for the file to be saved to, make it somewhere memorable like My Documents or the Desktop.


Mac users: Ctrl-click the Podcast button (Podcast button) , and for Safari, choose Save Linked File from the menu, and Safari will save the file to your Desktop. If you are using Internet Explorer for Mac or Firefox, ctrl-click the download link, choose Save Target As (or Save Link As in Firefox) and then choose a download location, the default will be your Desktop.


What Podcasts can I subscribe to?

Subscribing to a podcast is similar to subscribing to a magazine. When a new issue is released it is delivered to you. When a new episode of a podcast is released it is delivered to your PC through your podcatcher software, such as iTunes or Juice, both of which are free to download.


Our Podcast subscription services are listed below. To subscribe to these, copy the following link into your Podcatcher software. Once subscribed your software will automatically check back and download any new episodes when they are published. This eliminates the need to keep checking back at the website.






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