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House Mice

Mice often destroy much more than they consume because of their wasteful habit of discarding partially eaten food and because of contamination by their faeces, urine and hairs. They can also cause damage to electrical wiring due to gnawing.


To prevent mice from infesting your property:


  • Inspect your property ensuring that there are no obvious entry holes for mice to gain access into your home ie. around waste pipes from kitchens/bathrooms, central heating pipes and air vents. If holes are present seal them up with a durable material
  • Keep doors closed, especially in winter and spring.
  • Remove all food sources in the home by placing food in a pest proof cupboards and putting food in tightly fitting containers.


For further details and advice download our Mouse Factsheet.



Rats are capable of transmitting disease to man and livestock and also can cause damage to food stuffs and buildings.


Many people also find the presence of rodents unacceptable.


To prevent rodents from infesting your area:


  • Keep gardens clean and tidy, cutting back overgrown areas to minimise harbourage.
  • If feeding wild birds, store food in containers, ensuring rats cannot reach the food. Any uneaten food will encourage rats to your garden.
  • Inspect your property ensuring that there are no entry holes for rats to gain access into your home, ie. around waste pipes from the kitchen and bathrooms, central heating pipes and air vents.
  • Ensure drains are covered and that manholes are intact ie. no rat holes are present in the near vicinity of the manhole.
  • Ensure all household waste is enclosed in a rat proof container, eg wheelie bin.
  • Keep doors closed to prevent access.

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Download House Mouse Factsheet (.pdf 148Kb)

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