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Museum at The Mill

Museum at The Mill invites visitors of all ages to explore the history and learn about the heritage of Mossley Mill, a flax spinning mill in County Antrim which dates back to the early 1800s.


Housed within what was originally the wet spinning floor, the museum tells the story of Mossley Mill and the people who worked there from the 1800s through to the mill closure in 1995. The history is presented through a range of interpretative displays including artefacts, images and archival film.


The museum also features the development of the mill in recent years as Council headquarters, cultural centre and an important site for natural heritage and biodiversity.



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Mossley Mill Detectives

Museum at The Mill is based in a restored Flax Spinning Mill.


Mossley Mill Detectives

If you have been in the Museum and have completed the Mossley Mill Detectives Activity Sheet 1 you can check your answers here

Download Answers (.pdf 183Kb)

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